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Home Inspections



Mission Statement

Koti-Home, LLC is dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our clients. Our quality and professional work features personal consultations, a verbal report at the conclusion of the inspection, as well as a computer generated written report. We promise courtesy, professionalism and respect for home buyers and sellers who will benefit from our inspections. 


Koti-Home provides residential home inspection services with a strong emphasis on home owner education.

Attention to detail and personal interaction sets Koti-Home apart from the STANDARD home inspection. Teaching individuals about how and why a home works the way it does is a key component to any inspection.


Strict guidelines for Standards of Practice are implemented to provide a clear and understandable picture of the residence as viewed on the day of the inspection.


Home owners leave the inspection knowing they have the knowledge and know how to properly maintain, operate and enjoy their new investment.


I take great pride in sharing the inspection experience with each client I have the honor of working with.


There is no such thing as a bad home, some just need a little more love than others.


“It’s your home, be at peace” That is my motto and my approach.


Brandon Sipola

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